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 Professional Guardians in  Northwest Washington


Guardianship Services and Alternatives by Licensed Mental Health Professionals.
When a close family member is not available to serve as a guardian,  a professional Guardian is often the next choice. Choosing the right guardian is important, as Guardians often establish a relationship with their client that can last a lifetime! There are possible Alternatives to a Guardianship, please go to our "Services" section for a range of professional services that may prevent the need for a Guardianship.

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Members of Elder Service Providers and the Alzheimer Society of Washington.

Members of the National Guardianship Association (NGA).

We carry Fiduciary Professional Liability Insurance underwritten by Lloyd's of London for all the fiduciary services we provide.

We are certified and bonded. We are individually certified as professional Guardians, and our agency is certified by the Washington State Supreme Court.


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Certified Professional Guardians In Washington State

    Professional Guardians are trained and certified by the Superior Court. 


    Professional Guardians are required to take yearly continuing education courses. 


    Professional Guardians are required to follow specific protocol to maintain compliance in their practice.

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